A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country




Donkey Kong Country on Unreal Engine 3


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A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country is a 2D platform game which, as its name suggests, pays tribute to the legendary Donkey Kong Country, recreating the famous Super Nintendo game with Unreal Engine 3. The result, of course, is spectacular. Gameplay is almost identical to the original: players start each level with Donkey Kong and can jump and roll on the ground to kill their enemies. You can also find Diddy Kong along the way and get him to help you on your adventure, which basically gives you an extra life.

The levels in A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country aren't exactly like the original game, but they're very similar. The goal remains the same, however: get to the end safely and try to get all the bananas on the way. You'll also find red balloons, barrels, and tires.

The most striking part of A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country is its graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3. The game looks stunning, and although at times the levels are a little dark, there is a world of difference between these graphics and those of the original 2D version.

A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country is a great platform game, and while it's still in an early stage of development, it's a fun experience nonetheless.
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